We resort to a very professional methodology in rendering our services to students all around the globe. Global Study Helpers Process of Assignments Writing, Assignments Editing and Other Misc Writing Services or Resume Writing, Resume Editing and Cover Letter services in Australia is very simple, swift and effective. Our whole process is very user-friendly and transparent, at the same time. Emails serve as the main communication channel between us and the users; information exchange takes place smoothly and quickly; all the instructions related to prices, deadlines and payments are conveyed very clearly. The process flow diagram elaborates on how do we take assignments and/or other writing tasks, or resume writing requests from the students and get them delivered. The whole process can be summed up as follows:

  • User sends request to GSH team through this website and/or email
  • GSH team evaluates the work required and reverts with a price quote
  • Once the user agrees with the prices and deadlines, we send the instructions regarding the payment
  • Following the payment, we commence the work
  • Draft version is sent to the user
  • Editing is done as per user’s feedback
  • Work gets finalised once the user accepts with necessary edits

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